Moving center of object

I’not really new to Blender, but every now and than I stumble over the same problem again and now I’m really tired off workarounds.

The point is, the small point (sometimes called the center) in the middle of newly created objects. How can I manipulate (move) this … piece intentionally without moving the object itself???

I need this for a “copy location” constraint which should only copy the tranlatoric movement not the absolute position!



Place the cursor at the desired position.
Select the object (Object mode)
In Editbuttons hit CentreCursor.

Assume, this is the only way without moving the object in EditMode.

edit:“CURSORS!!! Tordat beat me!!!”

Highlight the object. Place the cursor (target dealy) where you want the new center to be. Go to your edit buttons (F9) and on the right side click “center cursor.”

Your new center will be where you placed your cursor!!

Blend on!!


A classic one!!!
Here’s a little exercise!

Add a Cube!! The pink dot is in the middl e (center).
Now LMClick somewhere in the 3d window to move the 3d cursor.
In the Edit window press Centre Cursor…the pink dot moves to the cursor
Now press Centre…the Cube moves to his center (pink dot)
Now, enter edit mode, select all the vertices amd move them…the pink dot rest in place.
Go out Edit mode and press Centre New…the pink dot returns to the object center

So, you have many possibilities
To place the pink dot at a precise place, ex a vertice, select the vertice,
do Shift-S and choose Curs to Selec, and then press the Centre Cursor button

(maybe an insignificant addition)
Please note that child objects also move when you move the centre. Therefore either deal with the centre before creating dependencies, or unparent (alt-P with the child selected) - with “Keep transform”, - and then re-parent again when done fixing the centre position.