Moving collections to a new scene?

This might seem like a stupid thing, but I can’t seem to find out how to do this in 2.8.

I have a series of collections in one scene, and I’d like to move them all to a different scene. I have a lot of instances of these collection that I’d like to stay instanced even after I move them. Is there any way to do this?


I managed to work around this issue by duplicating the entire scene and just deleting the parts I didn’t want in both of the new scenes.

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For anyone who finds this and wants to know the actual way to move collections between scenes, I eventually found it.

You need to set the outliner to ‘scenes’ mode. I believe it starts in the ‘view layers’ mode by default. Once in the scenes mode, you can move collections between scenes like you would within a scene.


Wow! Nice solution!
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for coming back to answer your own question. It saved me a headache today!

This doesn’t seem to work today (v2.91). How do I change View Layer to Scene?

Second button on the left in the outliner header.

I see the button, but don’t know how to do this:

You need to set the outliner to ‘scenes’ mode.

Err… you click the button, and choose ‘Scenes’ from the dropdown.

Oh gosh… I was completely blind to those buttons. Was looking at the “Browse Scene” and “Active Workspace View Layer” icons in the topmost right corner of the app. Sorry! And thanks.


The “Outliner Mode” selector is easy to miss, but there is a lot of high-power functionality under there. Some pretty arcane, but some fundamental. Be sure to read up on it.

Be wary of the “X” button next to the “New Scene” dropdown – it has no ‘safety’ whatsoever. It’s VERY easy to delete entire scenes with zero warning or protection. (I’m not sure why some trivial things require confirmation to delete while entire Scenes can be deleted at the twitch of a finger, but hey… at least it’s free.)

There’s undo, so perhaps not without safety or protection. But yes, it could be handled better. Not sure why you keep plugging this here though.