moving cursor to selection

My blender is stuck in a mode where I have to manually move the cursor to be centered in the selection every time.

That is, the cursor always stays where I last put it.

Is there a way to make it so the cursor automatically centers itself in the selection?

I am sure that I accidentally hit some key combination that turned it off.

By the way: what I mean is that every time I select something, I need to do shift-s cursor to selection. I am asking if there is a way for the cursor to be automatically centered on the selection without having to do the shift-s thing.

Thanks in advance.


As far as I know, what you have is the expected behaviour.

That’s actually a good idea! To have an option to auto-snap 3d cursor to the last selected object or vertex. That’s something for Blenderstorm, but unfortunately it’s down…

And what do you want to accomplish with that? You are describing the normal behavior of blender, I’m not aware that you could change that.

I think what you accidentally changed was the pivot mode. The 3D cursor never automatically follows your selection, but it doesn’t matter where the 3D cursor is in some pivot modes (including the one that’s set by default).

You can switch your pivot mode through the pictured menu, or by using the comma (,) and period (.) hotkeys.

I hope this helps!



well – it is just that if you are manipulating an object, the manipulations seem to occur around the cursor. So if you move the object, then rotate it, the rotation will occur around the cursor rather than the present position of the object. If you want just to manipulate the object, then you have to do shift-s>cursor to selection after each manipulation, so it converts say 10 steps into 20. And of course then of course I forget to do the extra step half the time, so I have to undo what I just did.

I am sure that there is something simple that I have not learned to do yet – but having read the manual and these forums and played with pivot point and even reinstalled blender…I have not found it yet :((.

Thanks for your suggestions, everyone.

pivot point = active object, did the trick. thanks spectre-7 : )

Glad to help! :slight_smile:

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thank you. I had the same issue like gobsmakt ^^"
this is really helpfull. Sometimes thats the small thinks you forget to notice :wink:

I have just started with Blender but this thing have been bugging me since I started. It would take me hours manually moving the 3D cursor in order to move objects. You will save me hours of work, thanks you so much!

select your object then G ( X or Y or Z ) and move it
you could also set the cursor on the object but not needed
with Shift S menu
also in tool panel set the move icon for Widget to be on selected object

happy bl