Moving emitted particles with the emitter


I would like to emit particles and move them with the emitter. In my animation there is a man walking down the street thinking about many people and I want to show his thougths in a (moving) thought bubble. Therefore I have created a particle system above his head, emitting all the people he thinks of. My problem is, that the emitted particles don’t follow my thinking man. They either stay still or fall down after beeing emitted.
I tried to solve the problem using hair particles but then my objects appear all at the same time. I want the particles to appear in a span of 3 to 5 seconds. Is this possible with hair particles?

Problem with emitted particles:

Hair particles are looking great but appear all at the same time:

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Hi. Keyframing the particle count should facilitate this?

  1. Left or Right arrow to your frame number.
  2. Adjust the count for that frame.
  3. Hit the i key when mousing over UI field.

Repeat for as many frames as needed, but keying the first and last of your frame range should give a blockout / idea.


thank you for your answer but this doesn’t work. :frowning_face: If I try to set a keyframe for the number of particles I get the message:

“count” property cannot be animated

Hey, I think I found a possible (but still not perfect) solution. I use just one hair particle with 199 Children. It is possible to animate the number of children in a given frame.

The problem ist, that the position of the children change. If I first create 10 children and in the next frame 10 more, I have 20 children on completely different positions. The first 10 children move to another position. Is there a workaround?

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