Moving files

Ok, I am doin this science project in blender and I do not want to start and then find something wrong. So I was wondering if I make this game and save it to a flash drive (those little usb sticks) and put it on another computer will the other computer have to download blender to open it. Cause it is one of those school computers so it wouldn’t be able to download stuff.


yea in theory it should work, try the File>package and then save…

as far as being able to access teh internet from behind a schol proxy and firewall try this :

TORPARK is basic firefox, that makes a tunnel to bypass proxys and firewalls, and lets you surf annonomously (at a snails pace)
Torpark is also specialy made to be portable, like for Ipods, and flash sticks like you have


be sure to get administrators permission first :wink:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Meat Beater-Just include Blenderplayer.exe and the two dlls on your flash drive if you only want to run the game on the other computer without saving a runtime. Drag the blend file onto blenderplayer.exe in explorer (windows) and it should run. You could in fact just include blender itself on the flash drive if it has enough free space at least on windows. Download the zip folder of blender from and unzip onto the flash drive.

p00f-how dare you spread information on how to undermine a school’s firewall and server:p

yh if its big enought i’ll just put blender on it too, and anyways its a teachers computer lol…i doubt she would let me :smiley:

and im sure that " torrify " has viruses… but i could destroy the school computers hmmm :rolleyes: . just the name seems like a virus lol

Yeah. Use the BlenderPlayer method. That way you won’t have to install anything. It’s three .dll’s for version 2.42a, though. “Python24.dll”, “SDL.dll”, and “pthreadVC2.dll”. All are available in your Blender directory. On a technicality, if you plan to distribute your data, you need to include “copyright.txt”, “GPL-license.txt”, “Python-license.txt”, and “README.txt”.

So, pack this stuff into a directory:
-scienceProject.blend (or whatever you call it)
-licenses if applicable

Use this code for scienceProject.bat (you can write it in Notepad):

blenderplayer.exe scienceProject.bat

To run your project, double-click the scienceProject.bat file.

On a side note, I know of a student who installed Linux onto his USB drive and booted the computer off of it (since most computers will boot off of a USB device these days). I doubt you could access the internet that way, though, what with passwords and network security and all…


Puppy linux, Damn Small Linux, Minislack, PClinux, and a few others have a way to install to a USB key… Very impressive when you show up on a data recovery job :slight_smile:

plug in this little USB drive from your pocket and rescue files from a dead windows system
, and burn them to CD and DVD 8)

about the school secutity, be sure to get the administrators permission before trying anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing… I didn’t know you could do that.