Moving forward using a walk cycle

So worked on my first walk cycle for a character… and he is basically walking in place.

What is the best method for having him actually move in a forward direction and walk down a side walk?

My scene is locked in… I cant move cameras or the ground plane… the character has to move forward down a curved sidewalk.

What would be the best approach to take?

Basically you translate the rig forward as legs do the walk animation. Try to match the forward movement with the feet movement so that planted foot does not appear to slip.

Currently, I ended up using a path and parented the rig to an empty and then used a follow path constraint animating the offset. Its working, but not that well (although some of what my problem could be is the actual walkcycle itself.

Maybe hit the casino link in my signature and I just posted this morning a video… maybe you could offer some input on the walk cycle.
But just to clarify, your saying once the walkcycle is done, I then actually translate the whole rig (main bone) to follow what ever path I want it to take?

Thanks for taking the time to reply.