Moving forwards doesn't work

Don’t get mad at me, I’m a newbie in the Game Engine

I’ve made a simple First Person Controller with some help from random tutorials, but when I move forwards (Y Axis) I keep jumping up.
The strange thing is that when I look down and move it just moves forwards normally, and when I look up and move backwards I move forwards?
Here is a video somewhat showing what my problem is, because explaining is hard.

It looks like your player cube is rotated so its Y axis is facing up. Try applying Rotation (and Scale) to all objects in your scene.

Also, it appears you probably have your mouse Y axis rotating the player cube. You only want the mouse Y rotating only the camera (up and down), the X axis should rotate only the player cube (left and right). The camera, being parented to the cube, will inherit the cube’s left/right rotation. Disable Y on the player cube, noodle another Mouse actuator to the camera, and disable X on that actuator.

Thanks! I’ve been trying to solve this forever, and of course I feel stupid. xD