Moving from 1 scene to the other?

(TurboG) #1

Ok…I have objects in one scene…and I have objects in the other (I apended a whole scene into the Blend) and now I want ot move my character from scene 2 to scene 1…how do I do this? I searched the forums and couldnt find it…I hope someone can shed light on this…Thanks in advanced!

(harkyman) #2

I don’t konw if there’s a direct way to do this, but here’s a workaround until someone coughs up the real info:

Do a “Save As”. Reload your original file. Go to your target scene. “Append” the desired objects into the proper scene from the saved as file.

(theeth) #3

Select the object
To Scene
Select the scene


(harkyman) #4

And thus do we see the difference between a guru and a monkey. :wink: