Moving from 3Ds Max to Blender

Hey all, newly-registered user Eyestabba here. In the past I’ve had experience with Maya and the last year I’ve been following a course of 3Ds Max. But now I need to lear Blender for a job opportunity. And I could use some help. I’ve only just finished the starter tutorials, and I’m having some real difficulties getting a feeling of the navigation. It’s just so much different than in other programs. Are there some tutorials or something which you could suggest for starters? Or general guidelines or rules I’ll allways need to remember?

Thanks in advance :wink:

(ps: I’m gonna miss those 3ds max modifiers :stuck_out_tongue: )

The only Max modifier I miss is Edit Mesh. In Blender there is essentially no parametric objects except when you are creating them. I have written AddOns to make animatable parametric objects, however, so it is possible if you find you absolutely need to animate the radius of a sphere instead of scaling the sphere. But the visual effect is the same.

I have authored a few introductory video tutorials for the basic interface if you would like to view them. They were authored when Blender 2.5 came out but because they cover the basic usage they are still relevant for 2.7.

The Interface:



Also visit Blender Cookie for more tutorials:

Blender Guru: