Moving generated particles around curve

(megalith) #1

Know anybody, if is possible move already generated particles around curve. I want create flock of fishes, but generated objects stay on place when emitor moves.

There is sample blender (2.25) file for understand what i mean.

Thanks for help.

(gowen) #2

You can use a deformation lattice to direct a particle stream.


  • Create a lattice and increase its U value to something greater than 10.
  • Position and scale the lattice so that it is over your particle emitter.
  • Make the lattice the parent of the emitter.
  • Edit the lattice to create turns, speed changes and flock density.

You will probably have to fiddle with the particle starting speed and life settings to get the effect you’re after.

Here’s a sample file to show what I mean.

(megalith) #3

Great. Many thanks for help and example file. This it what i want. I never before use lattice. It’s great idea. Thank you.