Moving images with the sequencer

Like the thread title describes, I’ve been trying to move an imported image from the bottom to the top of the soon to be rendered movie clip.

so far my attempts have failed in understanding the position and scale controls for the transform “sequence strip” option.

Is there another way to achieve this?

My second question is if there is a way to import an image…or any media for that matter…and not have it conform to the render aspect ratio after it has been placed in the sequencers timeline.

If not, then it would be nice to add these features to blender.

Thank you in advance!

I don’t know if there’s an automated way to do it but if not, you could always position your image on a new image of correct size (video size) with a transparent (alpha) background. Then it has to end up where you want it.

I assume this would work :slight_smile:

You are right about changing the image to fit Blenders aspect.
Though, ultimately this video and others need to be completed in a timely manor;
consider receiving 25+ photos per mini video…
one could see how changing each image could slow things down some. :smiley:

Will do this for now; otherwise it would be nice if blender did not conform anything
(as stated previously)

ooooo…possibly show a safe frame margin inside the image preview ???

Hopefully some coders are listening!!! hahahaha

not have it conform to the render aspect ratio after it has been placed in the sequencers timeline.

You could use a Plugin:

The Split plugins will give you an “Update Plugin” warning but I tested the first with images and it works in 2.42a.


Why thankyou!
And will try it out.
shouts “Long live Blender!”

Well that plugin wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but in spite of that, was able to move and transition photos.

Although they still are distorted after importing into the timeline;
Scaling them to an approximate of what they actually look like is slowing the process down.

You can also use the composite nodes Translate node :

(Screencap of nodes setup and .blend file in that post)


Will look into it.

And have posted a few comments in the request Wiki section
under sequencer features.

-Adobe premier comparison.-

i wrote the translate node for the wiki:

please c&c or ask back what isnt clear so i can revise text to make better, ok charlie?

Now, if youre using nodes, keep in mind that the node uses the image size from the top socket. e.g. do a mix or alphaover with two different sized jpgs and varying render sizes and observe the result.

unless of course you think the wiki writeup is the most horribly confusing and erroneous piece of craa youve ever read in which case my evil twin brother wrote it. honest.

I’d like to read your comments. hyperlink here please?

Whose Charlie?? hahaha
Tried using nodes as brought up by the previous response, and the result of, lets say…a photo zomming in; seems to be a bit wobbly.
Unless I’m a total screwball and am using the wrong method(node setup) for animation purposes.

As of now am connecting the x&y values of scale/translate nodes with a time node.
Though did not know of the technique using mix or alphaover.
Compositing is all new teritory…and the sequencer…can’t help but be newbish’.

We all have evil twins lurking in the corners of our paper littered offices.
Their the ones that steal all the staples and change logon passwords.

A trixy bunch!

Hyperlink away!

page moved, but i posted some solutions/workarounds.