Moving in - Cycles

I haven’t posted anything in a long time so I thought it was time. I´m quite happy with the result since I don’t do indoor scenes that often, obviously you will find mistakes and some of the textures could use more work. The render times were to long so I kind of got bored with tweaking it. Its rendered with Cycles, 4000 passes in 9 hours. The long render times are due to high poly count, glass materials and not enough experience with working with Cycles in these kind of scenes.
I tried some compositing techniques to achieve acceptable noise in less passes, they all reduced noise but instead created other problems that I though were even worse.
Its all done in Blender except for some firefly corrections in Photoshop.

That looks really nice! The tablecloth is very realistic. And I like how well the background fits.
Great work!

Even though you try to simulate the look and feel of glass don’t use a glass material. Instead just use a simple transparent material and if you want some reflections combine it with a glossy material. This should reduce the rendering times especially for interiors.

Thanks for your comments.
@ reC: I tried that but the result in this case was not good. For some reason the reflections behaved really weird, they were ether to strong or not showing up at all. It also created a “milky” feeling that i didn’t like. Even stranger is that suddenly the transparency stopped working, creating a shiny black surface.
Even though it didn’t work in this case its a technique I have used for other projects.


This is awesome!

Nice one! Rendering seems like it took quite long though. Wondering if this is always the case with cycles?