Moving Lines Texture, HELP!

Hey Blender Community,

thanks for clicking on my post :slight_smile:
I’m in need of help on figuring out how to recreate this material/animation in blender.

I have been recently tasked with creating an animation of this as a landscape, and don’t even know how to research this, so I was hoping that the community could set me off in the right direction.

i am looking for these lines to have motion, so ideally if these could be treated as mesh information in order to animate and morph them that would be what I am looking to accomplish, or if there is a procedural texture with displacement that could work as well. again, i am blanking out as to how to research techniques for this. so any help or tutorial links would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again!

Maybe start with this

You can also use the noise textures to deform other textures that can be used for rendertime displacement for similar effects.

Awesome, thank you so much !! I’m gonna check this one out and come back with results.

That seems really linear though, and not with enough turbulence, in Gonna try it out, it seems like a good way to get those motion paths into mesh data