moving look by mouse...-_-

im working on my game and i try to edit some object in my 3d field.
i try to zoom in to that object by rolling middle mouse wheel, but it doesn’t zoom fast. i try to roll my middle mouse button wheel like crazy but its still slow like the view is very far from the object. it get fixed if i press numpad 5 but i can’t really rotate the view easily…
any way to fix this problem? :confused:

maybe Shift + F and use the mouse movement / middle buttons for zooming in & out might help you.

This answer I gave somewhere else in the forum, and is probably related to what you are experiencing…

“You have what I call “zoom lock” and it occurs when you zoom way in on something small when originally you were working on something fairly large. Never mind the details though. In the future, select the items you want to edit and then use the ‘numpad .’ This will center the action around the selected elements and zoom into it at the same time. With one vertex selected, it won’t do anything, since at least two points of reference are required for it to work. Doing it this way will prevent the “locking”. To get out of this mess, use the outliner to select another object, or get out of edit mode and hit ‘numpad .’ and the zoom will reset to fit the entire object.”

Your rotation when you start is also the middle of the view by default, but the ‘numpad .’ will recenter the view to the selected object thus making it easier to pan around or rotate the view.

Try it and see if it solves your problem.