Moving Mesh Handles and Finding Lost Meshes

  1. Last week I was playing around with Blender and managed to make the movement handles (x,y,z) go from a distance below the mesh to directly next to it (see featured image).

Over the weekend I forgot how I’d achieved that (I think it involved shift +s then something) but I was still unable to replicate the same feat today. I’m not exactly sure what’s going wrong or how I did it, because I can’t select or move the movement handles without selecting or moving the mesh as well.

Does anyone know?

  1. While fiddling around with Blender I managed to lose track of my mesh a couple times (to the point that despite kept scrolling around the screen navigating with shift + scroll button and spamming scroll button I still could not find it). Does anyone know how to center in on or locate a mesh that is off-screen?

The closest I can get is:

In Object mode, [SHIFT S] --> Cursor to Selected

[TAB] to go into Edit mode.

Select all and [SHIFT S] --> Selection to Cursor (Offset)

This will move the vertices closer to the origin of the object… but the result won’t be exactly the same than on your screenshot.

The other way around is to move the origin of the object. Click the “Origin” button --> Origin to Geometry. Once again, the result won’t be exactly the same than your screenshot. (The button is only available in Object mode.)

To move the origin to the bottom of the mesh, you must go into Edit mode, select the bottom, then [SHIFT S] --> Cursor to Selection. [TAB] to go back into Object mode, then “Origin” button --> Origin to Cursor.

Just for the record, the shortcut for the Origin menu [SHIFT CTRL ALT C] works in Edit mode but, besides the risk of breaking a finger, all you’ll get in Edit mode is an error message: “No can do in Edit mode”. :no:

Finally, to center the view around the selection, press [.] (Period) on the numpad. It works in both Object and Edit modes.

Ah, okay, thanks!

I have another problem though; the mesh is currently facing the back when I view it from the frontal ortho perspective. How do I go about rotating a mesh exactly 180 deg about the x, y or z axis?

in the viewport if you hit r, you enable rotation… but you want it along the z axis, so then you press z, and then you want it exactly 180 degrees, not based on mouse movement… so press 180… then look if this is correct, if so press enter, else press esc.

so in summary, r - z - 1 - 8 - 0 - enter (without the dashes)