Moving mouse under carpet?


I try to make an animation where an object moves under a large mesh and by this shapes the surface above to its contours locally.
You can imagine it like a mouse moving under a thin carpet.

I tried with warp, shrinkwrap and the like but had no sucess so far.
Can a mesh (the carpet) be locally be deformed by a heightmap texture? Or a moving mousemodel under the mesh surface?

Can anyone suggest a method how to achieve this?
Thanks so much!


Hey, I would think the ‘Shrinkwrap’ mod would/could do it _ you just need enough verts in that area (carpet) for it to be effective.

Hey, here is a screen shot of a quick mock-up - I have the planes geometry showing so you can see (I did not sub divide it much) it has the mod which uses the torus as the deforming object - notice I use ‘project’ and an ‘offset’, play around with the settings - If your mesh is large , just sub divide the part you want to be effected and possibly give it a vertex group which you can specify in the modifier. hope this gives you a start.

I’ll try that!!! Thank you so much!!!
Would you perhaps be so kind and willing to share that blend file with me?

Hey, Sorry I did not save a file, just did a quick mock-up, but the main things are visible in the screen shot (mainly the mod settings) but you will just have to experiment, nothing too hard, here is a link to the manual page for the modifier - I’m going to assume you are using 2.8x :smiley:

There are a few other things you could try besides a shrinkwrap.

Yes, it can, by using a UV warp modifier to control the UV map, and following that with a UV-mapped displace modifier. Or, via true displacement in material nodes, animating the mapping.

Another thing that might be worthwhile is a dynamic mesh deform.

Thanks again. I hope to find time this afternoon to try it. :wink:

It’s working! Awesome! Thanks!