Moving multiple keyframes without pressing G?

Just trying out the latest buildbot build and it seems that you still have to press G before moving multiple selected keyframes. This happens in the timeline, dopesheet and graph editor.

This behavior was changed for the node editors (when moving multiple nodes) and I was under the impression that it was also to be changed for keyframes? I do seem to remember reading that it was a known issue months ago, but thought it would have been changed before final release (ie soon).

I am a season Blender user so I know about pressing G (even though I don’t like the workflow), but how would a new user to Blender even know to do this? Note that I am using the default left click select and keymap. Maybe there is a preference somewhere that I haven’t activated?

He would take a look to Key menu, open Transform submenu and see Move G.

Seriously, he probably would learn to move an object or a bone before moving a keyframe and would instinctively try G after a certain period.

But you are right, that would not hurt to see Move shortcut key into Status Bar when hovering Dopesheet.

You are missing the point. There should be no need to have to press a hotkey to move keyframes. The whole idea of having left click and box select as default is that you can select what you want (in this case keyframes or curve points) and then use left click to move them. You can currently move a single keyframe by just using left click, but not multiple keyframes.

This type of behavior was added to the nodal editors…ie box select multiple nodes and move with left click to move them, without having to press G. It was planned to be added to keyframes for 2.80 according to the blender developers forum, but for some reason it never was.

This looks like a bug/papercut to me. The UI team probably overlooked that one. :wink:

This is a known issue:

It’s just that Blender’s operator and keymap system makes this a little hard to do in a clean way. It’s a target for 2.81.

Only the Node Editor supports this currently, but it’s highly essential that we address this ASAP IMO.

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Thanks for the reply William. Good to hear that it is slated to be fixed for 2.81!
I don’t have Blender in front on me right now, but I think the uv editor also suffers from the same issue. ie after box selecting several islands, you can’t left click to drag them all. Would be good to add that to the current list.