Moving my rolling ball

I have a ball and I am trying to get to get it to roll when it moves.

Currently, I have it set up so that when you push the uparrow it moves it forward and rotates it in the natural direction. The problem with this is that when it rotates it changes the orientation of the ball, and therefore, when it tries to go “forward” it ends up going no where.

Is there a way to lock the orientation, so that forward is always forward? Or is there a better way to get the ball to rotate while it moves?

make forward go in the global forward [instead of local]

look for the game “roller” to see how it was done there

if you need to define global directions which change [say, your camera moves, and you want motion always relative to your camera] then you’ll need python

hey can you make a small example like that z3r0 d
it would help me out to.

Cool, that fixed it, thx.

Is there a way(python or not) to get the ball to roll to a stop? Like when I let up on the arrow key, have it begin to roll slower.

oh, nevermind. I messed around with it and figured it out.

but for anyone who wants to know, all I did was hit the “ridged body” button to the right of the “actor” button. If you mouse over it it says, “enable rolling physics.” works like a charm. :wink: