Moving my thread to proper sub-forum

Can you, please, move my thread from Sketchbooks to Work in Progress section? Also, is it possible to manually set the thread thumbnail? I deleted images from my first post since they were quite crappy, but now my thread icon is disappeared.

I can move the thread (and I have), but I’d suggest that you change the thread title… otherwise it will look like it’s in the wrong sub-forum. In the future, I’d suggest that you use the forum’s Report Post feature (it’s the triangular icon at the bottom left of every post) to request a thread move. That typically gets faster response from the moderation team.

As for the thumbnail, you can change that yourself. It comes from the first attachment you have in the original post. Just edit your OP and change the first attachment.

Hi, I’m new here, and maybe have did the same mistake:

I’ve posted in “Artwork > Work in Progress”.
There’s not a “Code > Work in Progress” category, so, i don’t know what’s the best place for it.

Is it okay to this be posted in that category?

I think it’s fine to keep it there. If you’d like me to move it to Code > Python Support, just let me know.