Moving object centers

How do you manually move the center of an object? I tried activated the ‘move object center only’ button, but that has no effect that I can observe (other then disabling bone rotation).

If you want to manually move the center, put the cursor in the 3D space you want the cursor to be at, (first position cursor from one view ‘top’ for example, then another, ‘front’ for example) then in Edit or Object mode, go to the editing panel (F9) and hit ‘Center Cursor’.


Put the 3d cursor where you want the object center to be, then select the Center Cursor button in the Editing buttons Mesh panel (in object mode.)
In edit mode, select all the verts and move them – the object center stays in place. Then return to object mode and put the object back where you want it, the object center moves to it’s new location.

The Center New button will move the center to the middle of the mesh, and the Center button will move the middle of the mesh to the location of the center.

And remember that if you CTRL-Click when you reposition the 3D cursor, it will snap to the grid.

Okay, thanks. By the way, what does the ‘move object center only’ actually do?