Moving Object Pivot to a precise position coordinate?

What i have done to try and failed:

In top right in viewport, selected Origins

In panel put -2.4 the value i wanted in Z. The whole object moves instead of only the origin.

I can move the pivot in viewport and the respective coordinate in N panel strangely changes the values but that way i cannot be precise.

  • The objective is to have the pivot at a base of a cylinder to grow the ciylinder up instead of both directions.

Hi. You can make use of 3D Cursor, it’s very useful for such things.

  • move the Cursor to the desired location - either snap it to a selected vert/face in Edit Mode > Mesh > Snap > Cursor to Selected
    set it to some coordinates in the N-panel > View > 3D Cursor;
  • now in Object Mode go to Object > Set Origin > Origin to 3d cursor
    set to Affect Only > Origins, then Snap to Cursor.

Thanks. Blender great power make it a bigger disappointment its lack of logic and coherence.

This may seem a bit unintuive… but after setting the origins only while moving the pivot point (with G) you see the coordinats changing in the (now well know :wink:) n-panel because they are equal to the pivot point…
But changing this coordinates in the n-panel changes the location and not the pivot point … so Blender is correctly showing the coordinate of the location of the object which do change because you changed the pivot point.

But the last comand option panel comes to you help because this is showing the Move-ment of the just done operation… moving the pivot point… and so you can input the values precisely…

Sometimes someone can learn from resconsidering the situation after some actions happened. For me also not everything happens as i thought it would be inthe first place…


Thank you indeed, it works with the other panel.
That last command panel was not showing up when i used it. Is this possible to occur?

Still do not explain the lack of coherence in the interface mechanism including the n-panel.
These dispersed functionalities make no sense for an efficient interface, learning, discoverability and i can even think of difficulties with coding work.
After the positive 2.8 work jump there is a need of a new jump with integration.

I’m afraid such statements should be followed by what “coherent” interface should look like.

The way I understand the logic here (could be wrong of course):
N-panel (and Object Properties) shows current object data. Adjust Last Operation (F9) panel sets values for an Operation.
You can directly manipulate object data, but it would not be considered a Move operation.
Hence, you can’t affect only origins through it, because it wouldn’t make any sense - origin is the center of Object’s coordinates - geometric data is described relative to it and moves though Global space with it.

But if you perform a “special” Move action that specifically offsets Geometry as Origin moves through space… that’s an Operation and it has its own place.


Just coordinates should all be in one place. Not in 3 places. It was bizarre when adjusting pivot, its coordinates move in N panel but you cannot use it.
Why “operation” “move” have to be exposed to the user in different places?
I worked with Softimage and many other applications and all this scattered approach to interface was non existent. It was not the sun on earth but interface wise was miles ahead in coherence. Even 3dsMax i don’t like is much better. Basically you have 1 place to put coordinates in Softimage or Max and 3 in Blender

I’m assuming that Transforms are in the N-panel, because it’s more accessible. Properties panel is normally opened at Modifiers or Materials… or practically any other tab than Object Data :person_shrugging: Yes it’s duplicating the fields from Object Data but it’s simply convenient.
And Adjust Last Operation panel shows a completely different type of information. You don’t “set the coordinates” with it. You perform a move operation.

You’re not just “adjusting pivot”, you’re moving the Origin Point and at the same time moving its geometry data in the opposite direction (at least, I assume that what has to happen to make it possible at all).


I tried to explain…

  • moving the pivot displays the new location coordinates
  • changing the location coordinates doesn’t change the pivot
  • the last command panel does show the last coordinate changes and can be used to change

Anyway what’s so bad to have an all time showing object coordinate in the Object Properties
and a context dependend in the N-panel (showing the same if in object mode)? If you change the orientation in one of the three (for example last operator…) then you can see the global and the locale changes… you don’t use it… so everbody don’t need it ? Conclussion → this should be so and so…

But this seems to be one of this cases of advise resistance…

The asked information was given… why lament about it… If the other software are so much better in interface… then just use that… and stop arguing…

Maybe nomen-est-omen ?? Bully-it ???


Why you continue with irrelevant information to the case?
Other DCC applications also change the pivot position. The problem is that contrary to Max and Softimage the DCC i remind better Blender do not have a place in the interface.

You click(or use keyword) in center(pivot) object, point, edge, polygon(face in Blender) - and the sample button even have options for polygon islands and other stuff i don’t remember.
The you fill the data you want in the SRT data fieds.

:man_shrugging: Your problem is solved, right? I don’t think much more can be accomplished here


There’s an “Align Tools” addon which allows you set the pivot point coords directly. You need to enable it via the preferences.
It might allow you to do what you want in one go, but it might require a couple of steps, e.g centre origin to geometry (either using the addon or Blender’s exsing Object > Set Origin > Origin to Geometry menu or using the addon), the using the addon, choosing Pivot, Min and X and Z axes (or Y and Z).

Video showing other features:

It would be nice if Blender had an ‘Origin to Base’ function.


Something like this ?.. manual object set origin:

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