Moving objects in local space?

I just want to make a super simple animation where I move threee pivot points which are already pre-rotated by their local Y axises… but the input boxes in Blender are in world space. So how do I know that I’ve moved all my arrows by the same amount?

Hey, If you are just wanting to keyFrame their Location equally, set your ‘pivot’ selection to ‘Individual Origins’, select all three > G-Y-Y-10 cm (centimeters), then insert keyFrames for their location. You will be effecting all (XYZ) ‘Global’ transform locations.But if your question is more along the lines of ‘what’ is the actual location, thats going to involve python window or animation nodes to figure that out.

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Yes, I tried to be very careful with my wording here:

I was not asking how to move them the way I wanted. I was asking how to confirm that I moved them the way I wanted.

A serious shortcoming in Blender if you really can’t find this out easily…

Yes, Blender unfortunately doesn’t expose coordinates very well.

What you can do: you can use an empty as a local coordinate system. Rotate it the way you want. Then parent the object to the empty “without parent inverse”. Now, the coordinates of the object are given in the empty’s coordinate system.

Oh, my god I’m so stupid!

Notice how that’s exactly what I’ve done in the original screenshot, but I’m moving the empty instead of the object. :man_facepalming: I was confused because during nesting, there are confusing situations where Blender doesn’t show local space.

if you press ‘n’ in your viewport. You got a panel like this one:

here you have all local transforms, cheers

Also you can moe an object by local axis.
if you want an object to move by 10 in all local axis just press:

G G X 10 enter
G G Y 10 enter
G G Z 10 enter

however if you are in local transformation orientation,
and I assume you are by looking at your screen
then you need to press single G instead of double GG

G X 10 enter
G Y 10 enter
G Z 10 enter

Hey, Your post topic is “Moving objects in local space” and you stated

And you wrote on your screen shot “I just want to move Y by 10 on all my arrows” – Hence my reply.

That is true, if that item is not the child of something, if it’s the child of something then its local.
If you look at this screen shot, Torus and Icosphere are children of Empty, Torus was parented @ X=4m Loc and Y=45 Rot, - Ico was parented at Emptys origin 0,0,0 - then moved Z= -4m Loc world/global space after parent Empty was moved X=-2m Loc and Y=90 Rot. If you look at both transform panels for the children, you will see they both say X=4m, - We know that can not be global/world space for several reasons, just looking at the 3D scene and grid,- the 3D cusor is at X=4m world/global space - but the objects are not, but the proof is in the bottom with animation nodes. The goldish colored nodes are for the Torus local space - they match what the panel says, the blue colored nodes tell us its real global/world space. The upper nodes for the Ico tell us its real global/world space, none of this in any panels.

I totally understand your statement, believe me, but with animation nodes it is not hard at all - and you have access to 2 more space info, that is why I use this or the console to find this stuff, I too hate the limited transform panel - but it is something I have learned to live with. :wink: - :bone: :male_detective: