moving objects with shift+control

(stukkm) #1

hey everyone, i often like to move objects and stuff around in the 3d window by .05 units, and as you know holding shift+control while in grab mode lets you move thing by .1 units. i was wondering if it was possible to change the default to allow me to move things by .05 when pressing shift+control. that would make modelling much easier for me since my models tend to be kinda small and i like to use exact units when moving things. i actually remember seeing something like this when looking at all the options you get when you pull down that top window that shows the menus and screen number and stuff. at least, i thought i did. does anyone have a solution to my problem?

(hannibar) #2

Thats wery easy.

Move your cursor over the 3d window, and push shift-F7.
There you’ll see a button called ‘grid’. Set this to 0.5, and go back to the 3d window.

Hope that helps.

(stukkm) #3

damn, that’s where i saw it! thank you so much hannibar!