Moving objects

Why whenever I move any mesh o just anything, it does something funky. It messes up what you’ve done.


If there is any possible way I can fix this, please tell me. Thanks


It’s weird because everytime I move the camera or objects or Anything, It completly does that funky thing and screws up the mesh/camera/whatever.

Anyone know how to fix this prob?

Thanks again

are any objects parented to the other objects?

and how are you moving the objects?

the normal way is to:
Set a keyframe in the desired position
then move to the next frame you want to set a keyframe
move the object
then set a keyframe
and repeat

Dude, this is a 3D Program… it does stuff in 3D. This ain’t powerpoint.

From your other thread it seems you don’t know this.

By default, the 3D view displays in orthographic projection, which makes it difficult to see the depth.

When it displays in perspective (Numpad 5), however, you can determine depth when an object is further from your viewing axis.

Your “correct way” is completely identical to the “incorrect way”; its just indeterminable from that axis. Drag MMB (middle mouse button), see it’s 3D!

You can’t just move stuff from camera view and expect to be located correctly on the camera’s local Z axis. You have to translate in 3 axes. Besides, it is bad workflow to work from camera view before you’ve finished your scene, as you are missing out on the use of global axes, which by the way, help modeling a lot.

A useful tool to see your transformations is the Transform Properties Panel, which is you can bring up by pressing N.

And here’s some Blender documentation while I’m at it:

Do you even get what I mean?

When I move or duplicate any object, it seems to mess up. I dont know the word that it is but it messes up what you moved.

And I move an object by using G

I’d say egan fully understands what you mean. It looks very much like you’re thinking in terms of the screen being flat like PhotoShop or Powerpoint are flat and that you can select things and layer them “in front of” etc…

…that’s not Blender. Blender is way more sophisticated that that because it really is 3D instead of using layering tricks to look 3D.

Try this: in the main view, hold your middle mouse button down hard (the mouse wheel) and drag the mouse around a bit. You see the view changing?

If the penny drops here… welcome to a startling revelation (I also thought Blender was a flat games making program when I started… I thought it looked like a square target & cross hairs ready to make a First Person Shooter). Follow egan’s advice if this has helped.

I’d say the first thign you should learn is how to split the screen to make multiple views from different angles.

Alright when I am in top view or anything other then camera view it makes it look horrible.

That is why I model in camera view so that what I move and such in there, It will look just how it does in camera view.


The problem with this method is that Blender is not 2D facing the camera. When you place an object, how are you going to control how far into the screen it goes?

What you need is to also open a side view so that you can drag that angle as well. If your model is correct, it will be correct from all angles. To split the screen, place your mouse on the horizontal like along the bottom of the main 3D window. It should change to “resizing arrows” (double headed arrow, pointing up and down). Now hold the mouse there, right click and you should see a small menu pop up with an option to “split area”. Choose that option. You will get a moveable border appearing which you should drop into the middle of your screen by left clicking there.

Now you have two views; one of which you can set to “top” the other to “side”, so you don’t have to keep rotating every time you want to line something up. I usually split my screen into four views including a camera view.

Recommended reading:

Alright so what you mean is, Do not move the mesh/object in camera mode?

Generally no… not good to move things via the camera because of what you are seeing. Move it sideways and suddenly it’s not in line like you thought it was.

But then, there are no absolute rules without exceptions.

What I’m really saying is that you should read those tutorials I last posted. I hate reading up lots myself, but I’m better for the times that I have.

Alright I’m reading it now.These tutorials will teach me when when you move the mesh it will stay in line?

The first tutorial shows how to split your screen. If you split into four views like this…

| A | B |

| C | D |

… where A is top view (set as orthographic), C is front view (set as orthographic), D is side view (set as orthographic) and B is camera view (set as perspective)
…then you will be able to line things up int views A, C and D while seeing the result in B.

The problem you have been facing is that your Christmas Tree decorations weren’t in line in the first place, made apparent when viewed from another angle. So yes, by learning to get things aligned from multiple views you will correctly fix this kind of error.

The second one explains in detail how to make a rigged character from scratch (even some lipsync if I recall correctly). There is generally a big difference in people who have bothered with this particular tutorial and those who have not.

Alright. Thanks man. I’ll check um out :wink:

You mean you weren’t already?

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lol, I was doing something then. I still didn’t read it :open_mouth: But I prolly will in a sec.

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