moving objects?

Using the “nkey” is a great way to move an object! I’m a 3ds Max users and this is the #1 entity I like abut Blender. anyway…

Is there an option where I can change the precision which an object moves when clicking the arrows?
eg: instead of +1 I’d like the object to move +.001

Thanks again & this is the second best forum in the world. ( is #1)
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I don’t think this is possible with the “Transform Properties” window, but if you zoom in so that the background grid becomes subdivided more (if you know what I mean) and hit G to grab, hold down the CTRL key to snap the transform to the grid. This will give you precise control of small movements (eg .001 BU’s at a time).

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Excellent! Thanks for the line! On a laptop I used the arrows to move.from the top view to I could move x and y. From the front I could move z. Blender is such a toy! Thanks again!

You can also combine the SHIFT key with the CTRL key for more precise snapped movement without having to zoom in so much. You must press CTRL first, then add the SHIFT key before you move.

GX CTRL SHIFT key combination will allow you to move the object along the X axis in small snapped increments.