Moving on x axis makes object go downwards a bit?

Didn’t know how to phrase that for Google, but yeah, first 3D project and it’s a test animation where a vegetable moves across a veeeeery long counter (reason behind it) and when I move the bone in pose mode (I have a bounce and stretch on a cycle loop) to the end location, it’s traveled downwards a bit. I tried rotating and hitting Z, setting rotation degrees to zero, but it still does that.

edit: I can’t lock the other axisesezez because I need them for the bouncing.

You shouldn’t be using Pose Mode for that. You should be moving the whole armature in object space.

You’re absolutely right, I feel like a moron. I’ve watched hours of tutorials this past however long, I’ve been sorta brainfrazzled with my new Blender obsession. I was a bit confused bc I was posing that particular bone for bounce and stretch. Thank you, and sorry for the dumb question, lol