Moving Particles Emitters

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looks like that I have some particle emitters parented to a moving object parented to a bone of an armature.

Armature moves, object moves particle emitters looks like moving (can’t really tell) but emitted particles looks like coming from an unmowable point in the scene…

What’s wrong with me? (Pub 2.25)


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Once the particles are emitted, they are independant of the emittor mesh (This is realistic, if you move a garden hose, the water that has already left the nozzle isn’t affected.)

However, sometimes, a chain of motion gets too complex, and Blender misses the fact that the particles need to be updated. In the effects buton, there is a “Recalc All” to force this. (It’s automatically done during Render).

If you want the particles to follow the emitter, then what you want is “static” partices (click the static" button).

Det. Thorn

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I think option 2 is my case.

I do wanto particles to be ‘independent’ once emitted. Problem is that they are not emitted by the emitter but from a place where the emitter was at the beginning of the animation :frowning:


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I can help! (I think)
Click on the recalc all button in the animation buttons for the particle effect, after you have done your motion. I think you’ll find the particles behave right (no need for static particles)

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I’m sorry to say this, but all the others are wrong. There is no way to easily clear this problem. It is due to the fact that Particles are precalculated and that armatures are Dynamics (recalculated every frame).

There is one solution. You’d have to keyframe the emitter for each and every during which you want the emitter to move correctly.

you can either do that the hard way (manually), or use a Python script (I think Lyubomir has one to do that).


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OK, Martin, you make sense. I mean, this explain what’s happening.

I think Keyframing the Hard Way (KtHW) is the solution, after all ithey’re only 6 emitters, and they emit for 40 frames. My thingers can handle that :stuck_out_tongue:

(Problems will be rendering time, last snapshot preview took 1minxframe WITHOUT OSA, SHADOWS and MBLUR :o)


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since my emitters are actually parented to a rigid body parented to the armature every keyframe I stroke shows no movement at all, since the particle emitter does not move relatively to his parent but absolutely with respect to the world.

THis implies that it does not work :frowning:

If I de-parent it then I could do this, but I would go crazi in moving frame by frame the emitters not to loose correct relative position.

Is there a way to solve this?


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make the keyframes for an empty with the snap tools (Shift-S), then copy it to the emitter.


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  1. How Smart 8)


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Heya S,

Well, after you guyz have talked about acctually moving the particle emmiter and stuff, im not sure if this would be of any use to you. But this is how i do my machine gun fire and it seemz to work ok, did this the same way as the still gattling-gun i did a while ago, only this method allowed me to walk the mech and get accuratly placed blasts.

The lights there are placed pretty much exactly where the particles are, and set to a 0 energy until the frame of the blast in question, then i slowly lowerd the energy level in the time of 3-4 frames or so.

But, bla bla anyway, if you have any questions just let me know. Maybe one day i’ll write a tute or something, after all i did JUST learn to make screenshots LOL!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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uhm… I’m not sure I understand…

You use the lamps as particles, and they are parented to the mech?

what happens when the bullets are fired and the mech moves?


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LOL!!! :wink:

I thought that was fairly simple, umm let me take a few more swigs of my morning coffee and see if i cant get my brain warmed up… :wink:

The particles are not parented, but rather placed as floating objects, and when the mech, or whichever gun, reaches that particular point, say on frame 200, that particular particle will go off at 200.

The lamps are just hanging close to the particles, and set to go off at the same time as the particle. And neither particle or lamp is parented to anything, but stationary waiting until they have their moment to blast off.

To see what happens when the bullets are fired when the mech moves, take a look at .

I had asked the question how to do this a few weeks back, and got no answers, so i had to come up with my own method, it acctually works pretty good. :wink:

Does that clear it up? :wink: I dunno maybe my method is maddness!!! :wink:


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ah, ok, I understand now.

not really dynamic though, since you have to replace the emitter every time you change the animation :-?


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I forgot to tell you.

Dynamica is fully armature compliant, if you have an emitter parented to an armature, it will move and emit particles correctly.


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Well, dynamic or not, it worked. :wink: And since no one seemed to know how to do this last week when i asked, i thought it worked rather well. :wink:

I got the idea from how they do psudo machine gunfire hits on live action movie sets. Say if buddy is shooting at a brick wall, along the wall they have little explosions going off one after the other.

This way might seem like lots of work, but really it was just shift-D to dupe and then changing the frame number at what time it would go off. Pretty easily acctually, and getting to see the path is kinda cool too!!! :wink:

But since you have released Dynamica, i will try that method. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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By the way theeth… how is the Dynamica project going ?

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Only half awake here …by the way theeth…Thank You very much (and to Eeshlo and all the other contributors)

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A bit late but for anybody searching for moving/rotating/curving particles look at
It parents a lattice to the emitter. Smart and it works quit well. Don’t forget to recalculate all when changing the IPO and its IPOs