moving particles

Hi all. I’m still rather new to blender, especially its animation features. I was wondering, is it possible to make a particle emmiter follow something and still emit during an animation? I tried parenting one to my moving object once–but it never really did anything. Any suggestions?

Yes, it should be (as long you are not parenting to an armature): did you press “recalc all” after parenting the emitter to the moving object?

Well, yes. I did press recalc all but it didn’t really do much. The updated scene was displayed through the editor but when I rendered the scene at any frame, my particles were gone. But thanks anyways for the help %| I’ll try messing with it some more.

Select your emitter. Press Tab twice.

Try this tutorial

Hey! That helps. Thanks.

one more hint - parenting emitters to armatures DON’T work. anything else is ok.