moving parts

is didn’t know how to call this thread
and i hope posting it on the correct thread

i have some objects that should be effected by other objects.
when i move one object i want the attached object to move also
if need rotate also

its hard for me to explain in English
so you can see in the blend file what i did
also you can see in the attached image

thank you


forum_help.blend (315 KB)

Look up some tutorials on armatures or animation.

Maybe this could help: .

thank u very useful i will try this
cool thing :slight_smile:

Is that real?I’m asking because movement of this part of hydraulics (Screenshot.png) is
too hard to explain.
Hope that’s what you want!(forum_help.blend)Alt+AI
Suggest you another “configuration”.(forum_helpSuggestion.blend)Alt+A
All the best!:smiley:


forum_help.blend (368 KB)forum_helpSuggestion.blend (380 KB)

hey man the first is the exactly what i wanted :smiley:

(duo the part around the piston is not following the piston ,and the all model is jumping :slight_smile: )
i didn’t have time to get to it

YES the part is real ,this part was copied from an AKIRA toy
(ill post the toy images of the when i get home)

this is how they made the bike dashboard going up and down
(here is my akira model

i think its more nice where there are too pistons on both sides.

I think that’s better!:slight_smile:


forum_helpNEW.blend (333 KB)

hey .
thank you thank you …
i see you actually like it :slight_smile:

i dont want to upset you … but ;)…
the part resounding the piston is still not following perfectly (i am just joking)

i really want to learn how to do it my self . so i wont ask you to fix things for me
can u teach me how you did that ?

Yes,it’s like challenge for me!What fun it is to fix its movement!If you have to had any questions I’ll be happy to gave answers if I know…:smiley:
The basic things abuot fixing the problems with “systems” like this are knowlenge of how to use Constraints.(
It’s like at the reality,but you must to simulate physical laws. The problem was: two parts of hidraulics must to point each other.Exactly for that reason I have asked "Is that real?"When hydraulics pressed this liner movement adds rotation to the piston.The upper joint is OK ,but something wrong down.If joint between “problematic” part and hydraulics don’t allows rotation (because it’s static),rotation go to another joint…and exactly that’s illogicality:this sigment must to go UP when pressing it DOWN.That will be destruction in reality!
ОК it does not matter…
That’s the idea!

Select part of system>Edit Mode>select proper vertex>Shift+S Cursor Selection (Screenshot.png)>
ObjectMode>add Armature>TAB key to back to ObjectMode select part>Edit Mode (TAB key)>select proper vertex>Shift+S CursorSelection>ObjectMode>select Armature>Edit Mode>Select Top of bone(Screenshot-1.png)>Shift+S SelectionCursor
Do the same for each of parts but add bone in Edit Mode for Armature
up…Bone.001…Track To down
down…Bone.003…Track To up
Bone.003…Bone…CopyRotation Target OB:Armature
…set Z and -Z
…CSpace:LocalSpace for both
…Influence =0.25
solver…Bone.001…IK Solver(and locked all Rotations)
Feel free to play with constraints settings to set proper configuration.
Take a look…it’s good to know.
Ask me if something not clear!All the best!
and…sorry for my English:o


this is what i achieve
can you help me with that ?


forum_help.blend (343 KB)

Let’s do it!
select Armature_UP >EditMode>select top of Bone>Shift+S Cursor Selection>Space-key add bone(name it solver) parented it to Bone and press Co button(connected)>PoseMode>still solver selected>Constraint panel>add Constraint IK solver
still PoseMode>select DOWN bone>Constraint panel>add Constraint TrackTo Target OB:Armature_DOWN,BO:UP
Test the result …solver will move all Armature_UP and DOWN bone must to be targeted to UP bone(Armature_DOWN).Ok!?Nice!:slight_smile:
A-key(2) select all bones Alt+R ok Alt+G ok!

select Armature_DOWN> PoseMode >select UP bone >Constraint panel>add Constraint TrackTo Target OB:Armature_UP,BO:DOWN
select Bone bone >Constraint panel>add Constraint CopyRotation Target OB:Armature_UP,BO:Bone press only X ,-X ,both of CSpace LocalSpace
Test the result again …but you’ll see …must to restrict some of movements!
A-key(2) select all bones Alt+R ok Alt+G ok!

select Bone (Armature_UP ) >Armature Bones panel>Lock Y and Z Rotation>press Limit X and set min -10 max 5select Bone (Armature_DOWN ) >Constraints panel>set Influence to 0.6
After that you will play with another valumes for good synchronization to Armature_DOWN!!!
Make proper parenting with objects and I think that’s all … :smiley:
But you will see the same problem with illogicality…with the piston -movement!
Have a nice day!
If something,you know …I’m here:D( feel free to mail me )


forum_help(2).blend (346 KB)

ok thank u looks nice…
but one problem
why the parts are not moving with the bones i tried to parent the bone to the part
not helping


forum_help.blend (344 KB)

Don’t worry ,be happy!:smiley:
Sometime…something …it so happened that!This not a bug,I haven’t time to see in “depth” why.Assuming you are starting from the last forum_help.blend!
Select Aramture_UP (you are at theObjectMode) >Shift+D(a new one Aramture_UP.001 will appear)>RMB(to fix it at the same place like Aramture_UP)>RMB over it(to selectAramture_UP)>X-key… ok(to erase it)
Select Aramture_UP.001 and rename to Aramture_UP(it’s not necessity ,but spend time to writing “.001” at the constraint settings)Do the same with Aramture_DOWN!
So…all Armature settings must to remake(it’s because erasing clear all)!
Select Armature_XXX>PoseMode…and step by step follow the previous post.
If everything is OK…note that :when you parenting Armature_XXX must to be in PoseMode.
select the part ,Shift+RMB select the bone,Ctr+P to bone(not to Armature)!
All the best!:slight_smile: