moving platforms

I have a platform, that moves back and forth with the help of an armature, but when the player jumps on it, the player doesnt move with the platform. what should i do?

don’t use an armature to move your platform

afaik, there currently is no solution to this. a while back, facemania made a demo with a bus or something where the bus didnt move, everything outside moved giving you the illusion that you were moving along with the bus. thats as good as you can do right now.

My suggestion, along with getting rid of the armature, is to make staying on the platform part of the game. It’s kind of fun, really. You have to keep your character moving at about the same speed of the platform. Otherwise you could take control of the character away from the player while on the platform and move him along with the platform. You’d probably have to use python to do that.

hmm… well i’ll see what i can come up with

I think once Erwin gets friction/velocity transfer from IPO objects to dynamic objects complete you’ll be able to do it in Bullet simply using an IPO for the platform.

For now that sounds like a neat idea, luckily the bounding box of the platform moves with it as of now.

There is a way to do this if you use LinV movment for your platform then the charactor will move with it but make sure you dont make the platform move at about 200mph then it wont work lol :smiley:

and how exactly would i do that?

I would set it up like this: make the platform use ray sensors to determine what platform they are currently approaching. if it was platform B, it would change a property “move” to false, thus the platform would move back, and if it was platform A, it would change “move” to true, thus the platform would move forth. I hope you understand. :cool: