Moving Properties

Can I move properties up and down like the other sensors, actuators, and controllers? I would like to orgranize them a bit better.

I don’t think so. I think the best you could do would be to wright down all the properties and their values on a piece of papper and re-make all of them. I realy dont see why the position of the properties matter…

It really doesnt, but when I have a few more objects it may help clear things up a bit. Like all movement properties together and all score properties together. Oh well though. Its not that important. Thanks! :smiley:

you mean when you left click on it and it reads move up and move down

No. The properties not the sensors, acutuators, or controllers.

there is no way I know of to move them up and down

as their order doesn’t matter it probably was never intended to have such a feature [ or ever considered that people may want one ]