Moving rig is causing weird clothing deformation

Hi all,

My character and clothing are rigged using Automatic Weights. However, a few pieces of clothing were
not moving correctly so I used a Data Transfer modifier to make sure they moved along with the character’s anatomy. However, while everything works now, when I go to move the character from a T-Pose to an A-Pose, I get weird deformation in the jacket. Is there any way to fix this? I’d post the .blend file but it’s 500mb 'cause I’m not very smart with Blender.

I’m not sure what’s weird here, but i assume the automatic weighting isn’t good enaugh at the armpit ?? So you have to do a little weight painting yourself… :man_shrugging:

Oh, so it’s causing weird patterned textures to appear on the right side of her jacket (where the arm is lowered) compared to the nice smoothness of the jacket on the left side (where the arm is raised). I actually tried weight painting in 3 different ways and it sadly didn’t work. I’m gonna chalk this one up to bad workflow choices on my part and maybe just continue modeling in the t-pose. Thanks for the suggestion though!