Moving/rotating a model with transformation constraints

Once I rig a model and add some bone constraints, how do I bring that model into a scene and have it work in various locations in the scene?

When I move the model to another location the constraints no longer work properly. Seems I need to make the model “self-contained” somehow so they still work even when I change it’s location in a scene.

I’ve found plenty of tutorials on rigging and constraints, but not how to then use them in a scene.

Here is a link to my file:

Here is my model and how the constraints work. I just can’t move or rotate this and have it still work.


You need to use local space on your constraints. Also you can orient the bones axis so you can just copy the constraint when you get it working. Then just use your root bone to move it around in pose mode to whereever you want. If you are linking, you can move your instance to the location you want, size it and then proxy the (988 KB)

Hey, thank you so much for doing that! I thought I had tried setting everything to local, but I must have missed something somewhere. This is perfect. Thanks again.