Moving sand


I’m using a Motion Actuator on Local [0, 0.03 , 0] to move my character . How could i simply recalcultate the [0, 0.03 , 0] so it integer a World position shift of [0, 0.01, 0] ?

@Monster and others


to convert a world vector into a local moving vector

v = Vector([0,0.01,0])


Are you trying to have the object at a fixed position but move the environment?

the opposite. I want the character like sliding on flat stairs. But i did it already. It works perfect.

I’m trying to make a game template

The other solution was to make like many stairs linked to an armature and animate them like an escalator. I tried that yesterday. But for some reasons the motion of the stairs didn’t affect my character ; no friction. Physics works badly when the meshes are linked to an armature ?

Also, i know this is a bit much asking …but i saw you know a bunch on mathutils : worldposition, .orientation, inverse() , to_euler() … feel free to make a complete wiki article on

Just type … and let’s rock.

I know that there’s the official documentation but if you see people coming with the same questions again and again, it’s probably that’s still so much confusion