moving shoulderblades under skin?

(haunt_house) #1

I want to do some animating soon and I haven´t got an answer to the question:

How do I move a shoulderblade under the skin?

The shoulderblade slides below the skin, so a simple armature won´t do because the skin mustn´t be dragged by the bone. Especially if the skin is textured.

Does anyone have experience with this?



(LaWMan) #2

By setting up vertex keys you can animate the shoulder blade just like you would animate facial expression. I saw one guy talking about linking emptys to vertex keys, do not remember who. But I think in this case you would have to animate through several keys to make it look believable. I t all depends on what kind of realism you are aiming for I guess.

(theeth) #3

you could use vertex keys to make some sort of wawe in the mesh and then animate them with RVKs.


(kos) #4

hey the guy who was talking about linking empties with vertices was me!!i will start writing the code immedietely after i finish texturing the t-rex.when the script will be ready i will certainly upload it for you guys.bye.

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I am sure I posted this in Blender char… :-?

not 30 and already absent-minded…

The problem with vertex keys would be to blend several ones into each other. Would be rather tideous. One would have to do it for every row of vertices to get it smooth and every possible movement. Because the movement of the vertices has to be strictly rectangular to the surface.

could it be possible to use the magnetism of an IK-solver?

thank you all


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HEY!!! Are you implying that over thirties are absent minded?

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I think I didn´t…


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