Moving Smoke Emitter?

I almost give up, however I know it is possible since I watched an animation. I have set up a basic fire smoke thing, however the domain and flow are parented to a bone. If the bone does not move, then the fire comes nice. But if the bone moves then nothing is baked !

It seems that if the domain is moving then the baking fails? Let’s say I want something similar to this video created by mikaae:

Okay, I guess I found a logical solution if someone is interested. DO NOT ANIMATE the domain, just the emitter ( Flow Object ). Animate the emitter inside the domain so everything works fine, the fire-smoke is baked following the emitter. keep in mind you need a big domain, you need to scale it. This seems to be memory eater.:confused:

If you have any other tip, please comment in here :smiley: