Moving smoke simulations from layers result in a bug

So, I have a project with a compositing, 2 smoke simulations on a video footage. Once I finished the first smoke, baked and it was rendering perfectly, so I moved it to another layer because I wanted to add another smoke simulation. After finish it, I took the 1st smoke simulation back to layer 1, baked again to stay sure and it just disappear from rendering! It is visible in viewport but I can’t get why there is no way I can make it appear in the preview rendering / final rendering.
Made some tests, I realized that the reason is that this bug is due to the fact that I moved the smoke simulation from one layer to another, for some reasons this get in conflict with something.
As a counter proof, I tried to add a 3rd smoke simulation in the 1st layer, baked and it showed perfectly in rendering.
Any solutions?
I don’t want to Re - create what I did, because the smoke simulation was quite complex (moving trail impacting on a wall).
I can send you original file if you need.