Moving Stars

Hi, I know this is probably a silly question but I’ve looked around and so far haven’t found the answer. I’m trying to make a series of stars (small cubes with halos) fade away/disappear in sequence but all the tutorials I’ve encountered only say how to move them out the way when I want them to disappear. While I think I could probably arrange the stars to shift between frames, it seems an awfully clumsy way of doing this… so is there another way?
Thanks in advance,


Material IPOs. Hit the I key in the material menu; whenever you alter the alpha value, hit the I key again. What’s even easier is to make two keyframes (I key) and then edit them in the IPO editor.

Thanks! I’ve been searching ages for a way to do that (kinda obvious when I think about it :()
I was hoping to be able to actually move the star between frames (without a movement curve) but this is an excelent substitute.

Thanks again,