Moving text with quick explode

New user here, I try to reproduce the kingsman intro with the texts which appear from explosion.
But I have an issue after using “quick explode” modifier : when I move the text, the particles from explosion don’t follow it so that I can’t animate the whole thing.

Can you help me plz ?

The part at 45 seconds?

I dont know if this is the best project for you as a beginner, there are many ways to do this, and its difficult to tell which approach is the most efficient. Its not an easy thing to do if you dont understand most of the tools.

May i advice you to try something else first?

Well, I have 30h+ experience in a modeling and animatipn project but I have no experience in particles.
If there are many ways to do it, give me one of them and I will stuck with it. I’m really motivated :slight_smile:

My first approach was to use quick explode then move the text with a bounce but it didn’t go as planned.