Moving the camera... ON A LAPTOP D:

hey all, I was just gonna start blending again, but I have reached an impass. My laptop has no number pad, and I have no idea how to do camera angles without it. Just the little simple axis camera angles kind of things. How?

I is confused :frowning:

You can either do :

View -> Select the view you want
Drag the top menu bar downwards and turn on “Emulate Numpad”

good luck.

There is a setting in the User Preferences Window>System & OpenGL there is a setting called Emulate Numpad that allows you to use your normal numbers as a numpad. You also might have a Fn key on your keyboard which allows you to use all kinds of extra functions written on your keys such as numpad.

Thanks much. to both of you. I was looking in the wrong menu for the “emulate numpad” thing. I found emulate middle mouse button and then gave up the first time, I’ll get it neow tho.

It’s a pain in the ass modeling without a numpad…
quick edit: is there documentation on extra functions that the FN key does?

is there documentation on extra functions that the FN key does?

Well, many laptops (Dell ones and Macbooks both for sure) have an Fn key located between the Control and Windows/Command keys. On my, keyboard, there are things written in blue on many of my keys, like my 7890
m ./ keys are
0 .+ respectively, when I use the Fn key. If you don’t have an Fn key, then this won’t work for you. If you do, there should be other commands on your keys.