Moving the Camera with a Joystick

I’m creating a quick FreeCam script- this is just so I can move the camera freely throughout game environments to see what they look like in-game. This script is for a wired Xbox 360 controller, so analog movement is involved. I can look around fine with the right joystick, but for some reason I can’t get it to move around with the left. No matter where I push the joystick, the camera just rotates slowly to the upper-left rather than moving around. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here, but here’s the .blend- FreeCam.blend (945 KB)

SetLinearVelocity works only if you have dynamic or rigid objects. For static objects you must use applyMovement. And you must setup the LRate = 1/32768.

Ah, so applyMovement will work. Thanks again HG1. Using 1/32767 seems a little too sensitive though, so a smaller number should work better.