Moving the camera with normal controls

I’m using blender 2.53

When I go to quad-view (or camera view), how can I make it so that if I press on the middle mouse button and change my viewing angle, the actual camera position changes?

I’d like to have the ability to move the camera more naturally, rather than using Grab and Rotate.

Thanks for your help.

I might of misunderstood what you said but have you tried tracking your camera to an empty and just moving the empty around?

That would be better than nothing, but it seems like (when I’ve used Maya) that it had the ability to just move around from the camera’s view and affect it’s position/rotation. I’m hoping blender has the same ability.

And it has. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the camera you want
  2. Go into that camera view by pressing CTRL+0 (in the numeric pad)
  3. Once in camera view, just use the G and R keys and the three axis
  4. For instance, press once G followed by two presses in Z, and you will be changing the local position, or the distance of the camera to the objects