Moving the camera

I am having trouble moving the camera into position. Is there a trick to this? I find it easy to render and place/align the camera in other software. I am sure there is a trick to this.


Mark the camera, move to the position you like in 3dview, hit ctrl+alt + 0 (on numeric keypad).
With shift+f you can move your camera with your mouse, incl. scrolling.

Cheers, mib.

Thanks. I will try that.

It’s possible you’ve missed the big trick - which isn’t even a trick in other software. If you check “lock camera to view” in the N-panel, you can use all the usual 3d navigation-methods to move the camera.
Also - comma on the numpad to center objects in view

Ohhhhhhhhhhh…thats how yah do it. Thanks for making my morning.