Moving the purple blob in a object

In this pic I’m just messing here… Having made the camera always point to the object it seems to be pointing at the purple blob.

How do I move the purple blob into the middle of the object so that the camera looks at the middle of the object?

I am probably not using the right terminology though!


First, the ‘purple blob’ is the Object Center

Second, a ‘track to constraint’ makes an object axis poit to another object center, this is the correct behaviour


If you really want to move the Object center you shoud place the cursor (The red wite circle) where you want your center to be, then in Editing Context Mesh Buttons in ObjectMode in Mesh panel you can press ‘Center Cursor’

THe other button ‘Center New’ places the center in the middle of the object.


This is not the best way to do it

Best way is to add an Empty (SPACE->Add->Empty)

And make the camera track the Empty

Then move the empty around

Muche more flexible :slight_smile:

P.S. Welcome to Blender


Cheers - How do you go about clearing a track to constraint then?


This doesn’t clear the constraint. It did at first, but I removed it (it was never released that way). To remove a constraint, go to the Object window (F7) and click the X button on the constraint block you want to remove.


Nice one guys - Sorted!!! :slight_smile: