Moving the transmute postion

Hey was just wondering how do you move the transmute cursor(i thnk thats what it is called… the x,y,z things)


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Here are a couple of ways:

  1. The RMB will place the cursor under your mouse.
  2. Say you want the cursor at the same place as an object that you have selected - shift s…cursor to selection
  3. Precise placement - at the bottom left of the 3D window, click on view…view properties, then type the values you want under 3D cursor.

Best of Luck!

hmmm i dunno if where talkin about the same thing… ill explain it better its called the 3D transform manipulator i want to move if from where it is positioned on my shape to another place.

The Transform manipulator is always placed at the pivot point. By default this is the Median point of your mesh in Edit mode and the Center point of you mesh in Object mode. To the Left of the Hand button (The one that turns the manipulator on and off) is the Pivot point drop-down. Try the different options there to see if any are better. You can set the pivot to 3D cursor and then move the cursor using the steps that OBI_Ron gave you.

Im watch a tutorial on that creature factory and he moves the transform manipulate below the object the uses it to bend the object iv never seen it done before trying to work t out so i can finish the tut