Moving the xyz cursor?

For some reason I cannot move the xyz cursor without moving the object selected itself. If i unselect the object then the cursor disappears. I need to move the cursor, because the selected object seems to rotate around the cursor, and since the cursor is too far away, it rotates too much

also, how do I move an object to a different layer?

xyz cursor? The 3d cursor is the crosshair (red white circle with black cross). It has no relation to any 3D object.
I think you mean the object center (the purple dot with black border).

I suggest to read some basic Blender tutorials. Noob-to-Pro would be good. This is not GE related stuff, please check the oher forums as well.

I hope it helps.

Hit <m> Then select the layer.

I realize that, but I think I accidentally messed with the controls, and somehow the settings got screwed up. I may have fixed it now though