Moving to a new PC

Hi, I bought me a nice desktop to replace my laptop. Now I’m facing a little problem; the project I’m working on on my laptop resides on the C drive. I made a copy to my desktop, but I wanted it to reside on my D drive (ssd) for speed.
Opening the (almost finished) project the objects and so are in pink. I know Blender couldn’t found the texture etc.
How to resolve this without goiing back to the C drive or laptop?

File - External Data - Missing files

IIRC that is.

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The solution is to use relative file paths (unless you need/want to store the external files on the C: drive on your desktop). So one easy way to solve it is to make all paths relative on your laptop before moving the .blend files, another is to re-link the files on your desktop as I think can be resolved by the function mentioned by @Felix_Kutt.

A hopefully satisfactory answer to the question of how to convert file paths to relative is available here and involves calling: File > External Data > Make all paths relative, on the laptop before moving the .blend file.

Depending on the number of files involved, I think re-linking the files on the desktop is easier if the number of files are small.

For the future just make sure your paths are relative when working on multiple computers to avoid trouble.

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Thanks for the response @Felix_Kutt and @Osares , I’ve solved the problem . I made a Blender_Libary on a shared drive and in Blender prefs I pointed the texture path to that drive. :slight_smile:

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On that note, if you can afford it and have a space for it, I can wholly recommend a synology diskstation(or a competing product of the type) as a NAS(network assisted storage) for storing your library. This way your library will be accessible from all your computers over the local(or even internet if willing to set it up for that) network as a network drive.

If you are willing to handle the sys-admin work yourself tho you can always build your own and install and configure linux or bsd yourself. But I can vouch that the synology solution makes it real easy with most of the work already done for you.