Moving to Canada

I’m moving to Canada tomorrow :eek:

Going to Vancouver FIlm School for 3D animation and visual effects! Wohoo


I wanted to go, but I couldn’t afford it.

Thanks Atom! I worked my ass off to go. I worked 56 hours and 7 days a week for a year and a half, living at my parents house to save up money. Along with some help from my family and a huge loan, here I am! I’m at work right now actually.

will you still be using blender as your main 3D software?
I wanted to go to Vancouver but…cant afford it… anyway congrats.

I will be learning Maya when I go to VFS, but I have had a student version of maya for a couple of years now and I still use blender for most things. Blender is just so much faster at modeling base mesh’s. So in my current workflow, I model the base in blender, UV map it, move it to Zbrush to sculpt then move it to maya to animate & render with Mental Ray.

I would animate it in blender too, but I wouldn’t be able to import the rig/animation into maya. So I just use maya because it can render with mental ray lol.

If you know it’s what you want to do, then just work a lot save up, you’ll get there one day.

Thanks for the congrats!

Congrats Asnao. Canada is Great! I hope you really enjoy VFS and keep us in the loop! :slight_smile:


Thanks Paint Guy!
I hear Vancouver is a beautiful place. You have strickter laws against littering in Canada than we do here in the US.

Dude, do you start at the end of August? Cause thats when I move into 3d animation and VFX!!! Hope to see you around.

I do start on August 30th!
Are you in Vancouver right now?
I’m going to be livving on Burrard street, right down the road from campus.

Yeah, I’m just finishing foundation right now and then hoping straight into 3D.

Although I’m trying to find a new place closer to the school, I’m all the way out in Burnaby right now, which sucks majorly.

Nice city to move to!
1/ Late August is still warm enough for wreck beach. Don’t worry about what you’ll wear.
2/ Get to know someone with a boat.
3/ If you do drugs, restrict it to natural stuff. Hemp use is effectively legal there (well, overlooked), but all others get dangerous quickly in Van. Otherwise its basically peaceful there.

Well Here I am! Been in Vancouver since saturday. Beautiful place. I’m liking it so far, can’t wait for classes to start!
Thanks for the advice ric :slight_smile:

Maul2 - I’ll send you a PM with my contact info. Give me a call and we can meet up sometime. I’m pretty open in the coming week :slight_smile:

Oh no bad Canadian Health Service :slight_smile:

Just kidding - I cannot imagine it is as bad as people always say here.

How is the light up there? It is sofar north.

I only have been to Ottawa and loved the place.

I heared pretty good things about your new place.


I wanted to go to Vancouver but…cant afford it… anyway congrats.

Cekhunen: I thought I read once of the Canadian national health department in Vancouver running low on money and thus forcing them to make possible cuts to ambulance services or worse.

Our hometown has two private companies running hospitals that see them always trying to beat each other in technology and quality of care, in a way it improves the quality of healthcare here.

I can’t imagine the days there being super short in the Winter like what you’d expect in Alaska, the US border is almost literally visible from Vancouver.

At least you have competition . . . not all of us are so lucky.

Welcome to Vancouver!

Welcome and enjoy your stay in the Great White North. :smiley:

Ace Dragon,

well I know quite many from Canada and nobody says it super good but also nobody says it is as terrible as the media makes it look like.

What the media says is more for their own agenda or politicians trying to scare the population.
LOL Reagon even made a record he send out to people to play.

welcome to Canada, Asano! :smiley: