Moving to Montreal

Well, potentially at least. And given the number of Montrealers here I thought I’d pick your brains.

Basically the woman will be attending uni there shortly (she’s from Joliette), and I’m stuck in London, the idea of a change quite appeals, to put it mildly. So the question is did any of the montrealers here emigrate there, especially from the EU? If so, how did you find it.

Btw, I’ve just been there for a few weeks (although arrived just after the Blender stuff) and really liked it. Especially the bacon.

Also, jobs and stuff. I’ve been in the games business for a few years. Outside of the obvious EA, Ubisoft, Gamelofts of this world, are there any other Montreal based game studios that might be hiring (programmers)?

Any other random thoughts about life in Montreal I’d be most curious about, especially since the woman is so biased towards making me want to go she won’t be honest with me on certain things!

Thanks all.


well being from montréal I might be a little biaised too :stuck_out_tongue:

as far as job goes…I do think there is quite a few smaller studios that would hire programmers, but I’d have to make a more precise search for that. I cannot confirm this 100%. But if you’re willing to go outside game development, there is PLENTY of company looking for programmers around as far as I know :stuck_out_tongue:

toward the negative stuff…do you like snow? We get plenty of it every year…alot of it…and the temp sometimes goes down to minus 40degrees celcius… :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like snow. :wink: Quite used to the Alps in winter, and love it there, although Quebec seems like the cold equivalent of heat in the desert, it doesn’t really bother you so much. My Quebecois woman when in London will always complain about the cold as it’s so much more noticable.

I suppose a more specific question would be are there any good IT job websites for Montreal?

Thanks again!

I don’t know of any Montreal specific IT jobs website, but you can surely restrict your search by regions in most of the bigger job hunt engines.

About life in Montreal in general, we were once describe (by nothing less official than a government sponsored study) as a urban chaos as far as our roads are concerned. Not only will people cross the streets everywhere and no matter the priorities, half of the drivers act like they got their drivers license out of a cracker jack box and the other half is hell bent on beating that red light.

Food is diverse in origin and usually good.

Prepare for the ubiquitous “Couche Tard” and bad coffee and you should be alright.

Oh, and we expect you’ll learn some French too. :slight_smile:


Hehe. I’d noticed the driving was kind of crazy. And no one could explain the laws about turning in Montreal (and how it varies at times of day or something) let alone why those laws existed.

My french was so much worse than I remembered, but I haven’t needed it in so many years. Quite embarassing really. The most I managed to do was to express that my girlfriends brother was a pig, but apparently the way I worded it was even worse than what was intended.

Cool, I’m currently thinking of moving to a new place (anywhere but need to research first) and I’m a little curious about canada and stuffs. I wonder if there is any particular law about the disabled and handi-capped? (I’m deaf myself) or where I could look it up?

P.S. how is the cost of the apartment lease over there as compared to america in general? similar or cheaper or what?

Not quite sure what you mean with that, but you can always start looking on the official city of Montreal website:

Depends on where in america I guess. I’d say it’s usually cheaper than in other big cities and obviously, it’s cheaper if you’re willing to be a bit farther from downtown or the richer sectors.


man, I love canada… really good food (I’ve only been to toronto and Vancouver) but it is fucking cold. my “winter jacket” felt like a t-shirt when it started getting gusty.

And that’s not the worse, as far as cold goes in Canada, Toronto and Vancouver are in the mildest climatic zones.

Try something like Edmonton or Winnipeg in winter, that’s freaking cold.