Moving UV of Instanced Objects Individually

Hi, is it possible to move UV of the multiple instanced objects individually (without making the object single user)?

I basically have multiple instanced objects sharing the same UV space in my complex mesh and I’m trying to bake mesh maps in Substance Painter and apparently I need to “unstack” UVs in order to bake properly:

I’m also open to ideas/tricks on what to do in this workflow.

So you don’t want to Make Single User > Materials?

I already tried that and it doesn’t work. Changing material type to “object” instead of “data” doesn’t work either (and then making single user > materials). These has no affect on ability to move UV islands individually.

but you could create several UV maps and several Input > UV Maps nodes, and use a different one for each object?

I think that won’t be useful because baking mesh maps (textures) requires only one UV space. This will be a video game asset and one texture atlas needed.